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‘Deplorable’: Imaging journal to retract nearly 80 papers for compromised peer review

Recently, the Journal of Electronic Imaging has announced that they are retracting nearly 80 papers after an investigation into peer reviewed scientific fraud. In particular, the JEI is retracting articles published between 2021 and 2023 – as publishers found evidence of “…large-scale manipulation of the peer review process, including fake reviewer accounts, repeating reviewers…” and “… many out-of-scope papers were discovered to have been published in these special sections.” The VP of Publications at IS&T, and former editor in chief of the journal stated:

The manipulation and subversion of the JEI peer review process by a handful of bad actors is deplorable, and we will not let them profit from their shameful actions. We will sanction the perpetrators and correct the scholarly record. We have also added new safeguards in our processes to thwart any future attempts at peer review manipulation. In many cases, JEI found that there were poor experiments, outdated references, AI generated language and datasets which were quite limited in application. This is quite an extreme example of a journal doing a mass-retraction, however, given increased pressures to publish, and, the evolution of AI – concerns such as these may be more common in the future going forward.

Source: Retraction Watch – June 20, 2023

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